I wanted you to cry (from the Utica album, 2015)

Produced and Directed: SSP Media

Sŵn y galon fach yn torri (Utica, 2015)

(The sound of the little heart breaking)

Produced and Directed: SSP Media

Dal yn dynn (single, 2016)

Produced: Huw Meredydd Roberts

A house by the sea (live at Green Man Festival, 2013)

Produced and Directed: On Par Productions

Ond yn dawel daw y dydd (from the album Os Mewn Sŵn, 2009)

Produced and Directed: Arwel Micah

Seddi gwag (from the album Os Mewn Sŵn, 2009)

Produced and Directed: Huw Meredydd Roberts

Huw M

Huw M is Welsh singer, composer and performer Huw Meredydd Roberts who plays a mix of original melodies and borrowed folk songs, mangled together with influences from across the globe. His latest album, Utica, is released by I Ka Ching Records (2015).


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